Being physically fit is the first step to taking care of yourself. Curated by Barbara Calzetta.

Try closing your eyes and depicting your life in a picture. I guess what you’d be able to see: a dense set of lines that cross, people to take care of, appointments to manage, dates not to forget, commitments to be respected, places to reach quickly.

It’s the very representation of life whizzing around you at crazy speed and asking you to always be ready, attentive and prepared.

She asks you to be able to manage all the pieces that are part of her tangled and wonderful mosaic in the best possible way: to be at the same time a sweet mother, an attentive worker, a caring wife, a strong lover, a sensitive friend… Or to be, if necessary, a reliable husband, a businessman, a present father, a trusted friend. In short, a person with his weaknesses that sometimes he can show, sometimes he has to hide.

The best way to be able to meet everyone’s expectations, without losing the necessary energy, is to focus above all on you, because you are the point from which the great circumference of your waist takes shape and on which all the other points depend.

Being satisfied with your mental and physical state is one of the most powerful levers to face everyday situations with positivity and optimism; If you are aware that you are doing something to be fit, to “feel good”, it will also be easier to take better care of the people around you.

You don’t need to do much to love yourself again: often you just need to start listening to your body again, to satisfy those needs that are also lifeblood for your mind.

Several scientific studies have shown how, following physical exercise, the human brain develops chemicals called “endorphins”, which have beneficial effects on both the body and the mind: they prevent and attenuate the symptoms of anxiety and stress, help to better endure pain, increase the sense of self-efficacy. Endorphins are the same substances that the brain produces when you fall in love: the ones that make you see everything better and make you feel more confident by helping you overcome shyness.

The secret to starting, or starting again, to take care of your body lies in discovering the type of physical activity that fully satisfies your tastes and needs, that makes you have fun, excites and relaxes, that allows you, at the same time, to achieve the results you aspire to.

Imagine the moment when, in the morning, you open your closet and decide what to wear: your choice will depend on your mood, the commitments you have to complete, the people you will meet and, perhaps, what you wore yesterday could be inappropriate for the day that is about to begin.

Thus, the multiple fitness courses of our center give you the opportunity to choose, day by day, which type of training is most suitable for that particular day and the time you have available: you will always find consultants who will welcome you and best illustrate the offer of our center and qualified instructors who will prepare your personalized training path.

Maybe you’ve just read a post on facebook by that friend you met this summer at the beach and you suddenly felt a great nostalgia for group dances on the beach and the now distant feeling of euphoric lightness. With us you can relive those emotions and reawaken their memories with zumba classes that, to the rhythm of Latin-American music, represent a winning solution for mind and body.

Or maybe you’ve had a particularly heavy day and you just need to release some of the accumulated nervousness. Why not try pre-boxing classes that strengthen your muscles and free you from negative thoughts?

If, on the other hand, you have realized that your posture is no longer correct due to stress or wrong working postures, and your back is sending off alarm signals, it is time to start postural and pilates courses, or experience the benefits of flexability treatment, to restore the right psycho-physical balance and alleviate spinal pain.

If your main goal is to regain the physical shape of a few years ago, when your weight and your “curves” made you more confident, you can try the powerplate: a vibration plate that allows you to work on weight loss, firming and toning at the same time.

Now try closing your eyes again and depicting your life in a picture. I guess what you’d be able to see: u