Mental health which is the Black community is a problem that requires immediate attention, and hence it cannot be ignored. Dealing with the foregoing is a normal situation, considering that Black people mainly grow in a society which focuses too much on individuals and frequently overlooks the social and economic factors having influence on psychological well-being. Discrimination, stigmatization, and socioeconomic inequalities make the silence of the mental health battles even thicker.

It is crucial to break the silence and develop the consciousness of the Black community by conducting awareness talks and meetings where the participants will be encouraged to be vocal about the mental situation. Due to the experiences of many individuals being different, some people may feel that they are alone but through dialogue and sharing they can build a mutual support network. It is important to realize that educational programs for mental health professionals must be centered on the distinct mental health issues that affect the Black community and incorporate culturally appropriate interventions.

Overcoming the mental health problem in the Black community is a challenging task that can be defeated only by individually challenging the cultural norms that undermine the acknowledgement of mental illnesses and their proper management. Only via awareness, understanding, and togetherness can we be able to address this issue that is given much attention but which remains a taboo and work towards mental health promotion in this community.