Have you ever been in a yoga session when the teacher asks if the practice benefits may be offered to another person?

This came to me of late, and it baffled me. After this session of stretching, strengthening and waking up the mind-set for a period of sixty minutes what would have been my plan in order to share all these with an other person who was not in the same class as mine? I couldn’t provide them with my flexibility, and I didn’t think I should introduce them to my trembling triceps after all the chaturangas I had done. Why does she refer to sharing the benefits of my practice ?

I had to ask!

She gave a quick reply as if she had read the question on the head. She talked about the relationship that exists amongst everything in our environment including the ocean, trees, animals, each other. Our energy does not just affect ourselves when we raise it but also all that is surrounding us.

It is not very practical or easy to digest this big idea in yoga about everything being linked to everything, in a world in which little is linked nowadays. However, I appreciated my tutor’s response and took time to think about it by myself a little while.

In this state, I usually become more open and serene before going to class. Afterwards, I noticed that yoga puts me into being in that open state, and then it was when I was actually feeling kinder and more generous. As much as I opened the door for the person entering the studio, I did so without a second thought. It simply seemed appropriate.

I came home without being disturbed by that large mess made by my children in the living room. Therefore, I just crossed over it while walking towards the kitchen.

A lot of gaps were opening up in the brain as well as in the body and one could notice that whenever I felt bigger, my manners were usually better. I can easily say that it makes me less reactive and definitely less stressed, a state of mind, which obviously affects everybody surrounding me.

I began understanding that my own practice could provide a benefit to other people. However, on a more serious note; I came to realize that this kind of offering does not even have to be yoga alone. Our health entails any kind of nutrition for our good being.qpoint: ## Instruction: Convert the given sentence from AI written to human written The nourishment I give myself, such as by reading a book alone for about an hour or by taking a barre class, has an effect on how I relate with people because they all feel its effects through my behavior.

Taking care of myself makes me feel good about my own identity and this gives me a deeper understanding of how to take care of others. However, if I am tired that will just add more to my anger and impatience and reduce my joyfulness around others.

As such, this thought of us as a whole being connected with each other is high but after recognizing it is only trickling down to earth, meaning when we are tended for we can tend and serve others also.