Italians take their coffee seriously. It is not mere drink but a ritual and part of culture blended in day-to-day lives. There are some dos and don’ts if you prefer to drink coffee like an authentic Italian.

1. Espresso Elegance
Start with the basics: espresso. It is this concentration that constitutes the coffee heart of Italian culture. All you need to do when ordering is just say un caffè if you want it shorter and don’t hurry since you should sip an espresso slowly and enjoyably.

2. Mastering the Macchiato
A macchiato will add some sophistication in your touch.# The art of making these types of coffees can be learned whether it is a “latte macchiato” with a little cupful of frothy milk or an “espresso macchiato” which has only a dollop of milk.

3. The Power of the Pause
This is certainly not the case of the Italians who do not grab a coffee on their way. Instead they stop, lean against the bar and take their time. These traditions help create a feeling of belonging and appreciation of the beverage being consumed. Then go to a nearby café, stand by the counter, and give yourself time to enjoy that cup.

4. Unplanned Pausa: The Afternoon Break
The ritual of “The Italian pausa” in the afternoon is holy in Italy. Do not resort to an extra cup behind your desk; instead, step outside leisurely enjoying your next cup of coffee. But then, is it only about caffeine or embracing one moment of relaxation?

5. Embrace Variety: Caffè Lungo, Ristretto, and Beyond
Expand your coffee vocabulary. The former is a “caffè lungo” and the latter is a short, strong shot known as a “ristretto”. Try out this variation to find your preferred intensity and flavor.

6. The Social Espresso
Coffee is a social item in Italy. It’s a place to socialize, talk and network. Take your friend out for a cup of tea or coffee; and let it happen. The communal nature of this drink takes it above just a drink.

7. Beware the Cappuccino Curfew
Italians have a rule: no more cappuccino after 11a.m.. This is a morning pleasure that one would most likely be scorned for asking for later in the day. Have an after school espresso or macchiato for best results.

8. Sweet Temptations: Pairing with Pastries
Enjoy your coffee with a nice sweet treat. This Italian treat involves rich coffee coupled with flaky cornetto or creamy cannoli among other sweet treats, which will be a delicious experience you would love to have.

9. Quality over Quantity: Single Sip at a Time
Italian appreciate intensity of each sip with relish. Take your time and enjoy the taste. Drinking coffee like an Italian means quality over quantity.

10. The Finale: Digestivo Duo
Cap off your Italian meal with an espresso. It is said that this ritual helps in digestion as well as cleanses the mouth. The ideal ending of a blissful food affair.

Essentially, Italian-style drinking of coffee means much more than simply a beverage, but also a cultural experience, a social event, and delight in the small treasures of life. Therefore, the next time you want to take a sip cup, do it the Italian way, reduce speed and enjoy the moment.