Does any of those yoga after rituals whereby people quickly wear socks, throw items into bins, and fly through exit doors sound familiar to you? Maybe at your home your meditation comes to end with a bell which throws you back on a tasking schedule. You are like you have washed away this attempt to slow done after that last one namaste. Could it be that it is related to context—easy when at the mat and yet, tight in reality?

However, by constantly rushing, we fail to appreciate the true essence of life. We don’t appreciate what is in front of us as we continuously move unto the next. As time goes by in order, it is not necessary that we continuously fight with the time. When we do slow down and allow our selves some space for what is valuable to us in this present moment, then it is possible to taste the abundance that hides inside every single second.

1. Focus on Your Breath
Take your yoga off the mat. Be mindful of every breath you take, slowing down on what you’re doing.

2. Learn, Play and Live with a child.
Embrace real-time. For a minute or ten be free like a child and escape the pressures of the adult world.

3. Take in Your Surroundings
Pause the rush. Learn to see what’s right there in front of you. Mingle with the unfamiliar crowd, spot fresh opportunities.

4. Simplify Your To-Do List
Assess your tasks. How can you make them efficient? Get rid of non-vital articles on your list and make vital alterations.

5. Turn Off Your Device
Assess your usage of mobile phones and other devices. You might think that the constant influx of information is interfering with your quality of life. Escape the hypnotized trance from gadgets.

6. Take a little more time in the morning.
Fight perennial rushing by getting up early. In the morning, connect with yourself, and centre your day in peace with reason.

7. Accept Your Limitations
Understand that at times you are not able to have everything done. Ensure that you are realistic with your time so that you do not beat yourself each day when life inevitably gets in the way of plans.

8. Say No to Draining Commitments
Identify things that suck your energy. Time is precious, do not give away your time for nothing by associating with people or engaging in activities that are not beneficial to them.

9. Be Mindful
Turn the attention towards today. Life is much fuller by not focusing too much on the past or thinking of the future too much.

10. Stop and Smell the Roses
Literally. For a few minutes, relish the ordinary joys of life. It may be as sweet as that of rose buds.