Discovering the Magic of Fibre-Based Meals

I’m sure you have heard stories of how important is to add some fibre to your diet. But, why is it actually that important?

Effect of fiber on digestive and gut health
Learn how fiber can affect your health with particular concern for your gut function and general digestion. Did you know that a plate rich in fibre-filled food is all you need to feel your best, with better digestion, controlled blood sugar levels, and satiety?

Unlocking the importance of daily fiber intake.
Understand the importance of this healthy and plant derived type of carbohydrates known as the dietary fibers. Its capacity to delay your digestive absorption and act as a mild brush that cleans your intestines is very important to uncover.

Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels
Explore how fiber slows down digestion and its stabilizing effect on blood sugars. Eat wholesome foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, which prevent surges and dips in blood sugar levels.

Satiety: Fiber and feeling full.
Learn why fiber slows down digestion and makes you feel full.!BPACK Find out how fiber-rich versus fibrous foods affect your satiety and reduce the feeling of wanting to eat more.

Facilitating Waste Removal
Look into how fiber as sweeper acts to sweep away your intestine and colon. Learn how it keeps gut motility to facilitate normal passage of stool and prevent diarrhea.

Fostering a Healthy Gut
Understand that the link between fiber and a healthy gut. Know that one can find good pre-biotics in fiber which is good for developing good probiotic gut microbiome and better immune system.

Contributions to Heart Health
Find out why fiber lowers “bad” cholesterol that causes heart problems using bile acid control.

Including fiber-rich foods in every meal.
Use the foundational five (system) and apply simple tips on increasing daily fiber intake into your diet. Recognize different fibers that can be sourced from, while also taking into account fibers per individual’s condition.

Soluble Fiber Sources
Research about soluble fiber and how it dissolves in water. It also gives a list of sources including beans, vegetables, avocado, and chia seeds. Understand how this impacts on lowering lipids, control of glucose in the body, and digestive and immunity function.

Insoluble Fiber and Its Benefits
Find out about insoluble fiber, how it induces normal defecation, and the sources that provide you with it such as bran cereals, lentils, and vegetables. Know why it works with insoluble fiber of whole foods.

Supplements: A Last Resort
Think about the importance of fiber supplements and why they should not be relied upon in place of whole foods especially as a source of fiber. If supplements are required, consult with a Registered Dietitian or doctor.

Setting Yourself Up for Success
It is also advisable for you to prepare for a healthy life path by loading up your kitchen with fibrous foods. Cultivate a balanced meal based on the Foundational Five, develop a healthy relationship between food and health.

Balanced Eating Made Easy
Know yourself and start taking baby steps to a stable life. Find out what’s your balanced eating type by taking a free quiz and eat your way to wellbeing and vitality.